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9 Tips you Need to Know When Travelling as a Vegan with Brighde Reed of World Vegan Travel | The Brownble Podcast

9 Tips you Need to Know When Travelling as a Vegan with Brighde Reed of World Vegan Travel

diet & exercise interviews lifestyle on being vegan podcast vegan travel Jul 29, 2022

Show notes:

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You can connect with Brighde through InstagramFacebookPinterest and Youtube (as World Vegan Travel on all platforms)

- World Vegan Travel website and vegan luxury travel tours.

The World Vegan Travel Podcast 

- Colleen Patrick Gouddreau's Food for Thought Podcast

- The Nomadic Vegan (for vegan restaurants and travel in dozens of countries around the world)

Happy Cow



Vegvisits The vegan 'airbnb'

Veggie Hotels

Google Translate

Arabic Language Text & Audio Guide For Vegan Travel to The Middle East

Japanese Language Guide for Vegan Travel to Japan

Italian Language Guide For Vegan Travel to Italy

More World Vegan Travel language guides

- Vegan Meet Ups

 - Vegan Food City Tours Roundup (US, Canada and Mexico

- Vegan Food City Tours Roundup (Europe)

- Google Travel Lens

- For tips on airline travel listen to our previous episode with Simon the vegan flight attendant


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Just as Simon the vegan flight attendant came to tell us everything we need to know about navigating vegan travel in airports and flights, we now have the ultimate expert for everything that happens after you get off the plane.

She is not only one of the friendliest people I’ve met in the vegan business space, and a face and name you’ll probably recognize if you’re a fan of Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s work and the Food for Thought Podcast, the vegan philosopher of our time and fairy godmother to the animals, as they are long time friends and business partners in their joint travel ventures at World Vegan Travel, but Brighde has also been everywhere! She is a passionate vegan and advocate for animals, and in today’s episode, she comes with so many tips for vegan travel, resources, websites, apps, translating tips when traveling, and practical tips to help you navigate your adventures as a vegan with confidence. Who better, than the person behind organizing what are, at least to my knowledge, the most high end, spectacularly planned, luxury vegan travel tours and experiences out there, including exploring the beauty of Tuscany, Christmas markets in France, seeing mountain gorillas in Rwanda, going on safari in Botswana and more.

In our conversation she talks about:

  • Finding vegan friendly hotels, resorts and accommodations.
  • How to talk about your vegan diet when ordering at restaurants and when booking hotels.
  • How to find delicious vegan food while travelling and nearby vegan restaurants.
  • How to use social media to find vegan food near you.
  • Why travel guides aren't always the most up to date with vegan recommendations while travelling, and where to find these.
  • How to get over the fear of advocating for yourself and asking for a vegan dish or vegan substitutions at restaurants and hotels.
  • How you don't have to plan your trips alone and the options available to you so all you have to do is pack your bags.
  • How to find vegan food city tours.
  • Much more.

Brighde spent her formative years in the UK and Australia before her desire to travel took over. The next five years were spent leading group tours for an Australian company around Southeast Asia, France and Morocco. She met fellow tour guide Seb in Marrakech, where they fell madly in love, and a couple of years later they discovered veganism together. She became passionate about promoting the vegan message as an activist.

Widely travelled for both work and fun, one of her most important jobs at World Vegan Travel is ensuring the vegan food on their trips is second to none. She also makes sure everyone has enough treats throughout the day, and organizes the infamous trivia sessions during their final day’s parties.

You can connect with Brighde through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube (as World Vegan Travel on all platforms) and through her website. Don’t forget to check out her wonderful weekly podcast The World Vegan Travel Podcast for even more tips and resources like the ones she gives in this episode, plus guests sharing about their trips around the world, the vegan restaurants they've tried while travelling, and much more.

Thank you so much to our amazing guest Brighde for sharing her time with us, to our sponsor Green and Experience for supporting the show and to our listeners as always.

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