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Books about Veganism, Intuitive Eating, Recovery and Body Image,  Vegan Cookbooks & More

Our favorite books on everything from vegan nutrition, going vegan, improving your relationship with food, our favorite vegan cookbooks, books on food and eating and much more.


Best Kitchen Appliances, Equipment, Tools and Gadgets

The best pots and pans, blenders, chef's knives, kitchen equipment brands, tools, utensils and gadgets for your kitchen.


Best Podcasts about Food and Eating, Veganism, Self Improvement, Nutrition and More

Get great inspiration on the go with the best vegan podcasts, shows on improving your relationship with food, self improvement, body image podcasts and finding a new perspective on health, away from dieting.


Online Videos

Inspiring videos on going vegan and what you can expect, the benefits of eating a vegan diet, and so much inspirational content to help you answer the question why should I go vegan, that you can watch right now for free!


Movies about Veganism

A great selection of the best vegan documentaries, movies about the environment, rights for animals and our food choices, to help inspire you on your journey to going vegan.


Vegan Health and Nutrition Resources, Doctors and Nutritionists

Our go-to, evidence based, plant based / vegan health and nutrition resources, from our favorite doctors and registered dietitians, nutritionists and counsellors, including the best visual guide to help you build healthy and satisfying vegan meals, vegan doctor directories in the US and abroad, and more.


Let's Move a Little! (Online Exercise Video Library)

Incorporating intuitive movement and enjoyable workouts that brings you joy and relaxation can be of great support on your journey! If you hate going to the gym or working out, enjoy our favorite at home workouts so you can find what you truly love to do and movement and exercise go back to being fun and simple.


Our Program & Courses

Get all the support you need on your journey to going vegan or making more vegan choices. Learn how to cook delicious, easy vegan meals, how to improve your relationship with food, learn everything you need to know on how to become vegan, plus courses on how to make vegan cheese, how to cook delicious tofu recipes, and much more, with our programs and online courses (both free and paid).