Big announcement and news about our online program My Brownble and our paid and free online vegan cooking courses

Big Announcement!: What's Coming in 2024

news Mar 03, 2024

Through the many years we've been keeping you company through your vegan journeys, we've created everything from our podcast, our Youtube channel, our online vegan cooking classes through our online vegan cooking school My Brownble, free course and so much more.

We love updating things for you and we always want you to have what you need the most to help you in your day to day as a new vegan or even just as someone dabbling their tows in plant-based cooking and eating.

I'm here today with a BIG announcement related to what's coming your way in 2024 and three big updates that will affect our content soon and in the very best way. Please click play on the video below so I can tell you what's to come.

Please leave me any questions you might have below and I'll be there to answer and give more details on anything you're curious about.

To learn more about our vegan online cooking school My Brownble, click here.

To sign up for our free course Tofu Mastery, click here.

I can't wait for you to see everything that's coming your way really soon. Thank you for being with us all these years!


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