What I Eat in a Day (Vegan)

What I Eat in a Day (Vegan)

lifestyle on being vegan vlog Mar 21, 2017

I've gotten so many requests for this video I can´t even tell you. I think people are always curious when it comes to how to fill your plate when you eat a vegan diet and rightfully so. If you ate a meat centered diet before going vegan or if you still haven't made this change but are curious about making some more plant based dishes, it can seem like a head scratching moment when you open the fridge, look at your plate and have no idea what to make.

Although I'm constantly sharing some of our meals in the blog and podcast, I thought it was time to show you "a day in my eating life", only this time do it on video! What you'll get to see are the goodies we ate this past Saturday in which we also took a walk with the doggies, went to the farmer's market, did some grilling and of course ate delicious food and brought you along for the ride.

Keep in mind that I don't usually eat the same meals every day, I go with what I have, what I'm craving and what's in season, and on Saturdays it's usually the farmer's market that makes these choices for me since some things just pop out at me and I freestyle a little bit over the stove. We were also planning a movie night and were quite full come dinner time, so I decided to make something fun that we could eat while watching a movie. Sometimes dinner is completely traditional though, from lasagna to taco night, and sometimes it's light and fresh like a big Ceasar salad. You get the gist right, variety is king at our house.


Are you ready to come into my kitchen? The dogs are happy to report they're in almost every single frame of this video! Let's go!




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