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Yummy Vegan Snack Ideas for Taking on the Go

Yummy Vegan Snack Ideas for Taking on the Go

diet & exercise on being vegan podcast May 18, 2023

Today I'm sharing more ideas specifically on snack options that are portable, to take to work, school, to keep in your bag and some that are great if you have access to a small fridge at work where you can keep them stored until ready to eat.

IDEA 1: Making a delicious catered to you trail mix

Toast some of your favorite nuts and seeds in a big sheet pan in the oven at the beginning of the week.

Divide them into individual containers or baggies to just grab and go.

Get some raisins, dried apricots, dates or any other dried fruit you love ( I love dried figs for an extra boost in calcium), but keep these in separate containers or baggies. It can happen that with what very little moisture they still have, can soften your crunchy trail mix if they’re in the same bag.

IDEA 2: Making overnight oats

Make them in individual containers or small jars and simply top with some fresh fruit before taking these with you. You can even mix in some vegan protein powder for a nutrient boost. We have a delicious recipe for overnight oats in our FREE course breakfast and brunch classics.

IDEA 3: Guacamole, salsa or a layered Mexican dip and tortillas and/or vegetables

If you have access to a fridge while you’re at work, and you’re going to have a place to comfortably sit down and eat, even if it’s a bench outside your office building, take some salsa or guacamole in a small container and some tortilla chips on the side or even vegetables.

Amp this up If you have any leftover cooked black beans by making a layered dip. Start with your black bean layer, then your salsa, then guacamole, some sprinkled fresh cilantro and if you have some store-bought vegan sour cream or our cashew sour cream in the fridge add a dollop on top.



IDEA 4: Making smoothies super filling and not just as a solo snack

Smoothies are delicious, one of the easiest ways to either get a source of iron rich greens like spinach, or calcium rich greens like kale.

Don’t force yourself to a smoothie that doesn’t taste delicious, that means feel free to add some peanut butter, some cocoa powder, some chocolate or vanilla flavored protein powder.

Remember that you can also pair this with something else as well.


IDEA 5: A simple plant based protein packed snack

This idea helps you include some protein along your day and it can consist or leftovers, or a staple you assemble when you're batch cooking or prepping food for the week. Leftover tempeh bacon is a delicious snack, a good brand of smoked tofu sliced or cubed, our crunchy tofu croutons from our free tofu mastery course, or some edamame, next to any other sweet or savory items you want to take along, just add these to a container or bag.


IDEA 6: Classic cheese and crackers for savory eaters

If you’re a savory snacker, add some vegan cheese, some olives, pickles, some vegan deli slices, and bring some crackers along.

Cheese and crackers is a classic for a reason and we often talk about the importance of satisfaction during meals, start seeing it as an important component when thinking about what to snack as a vegan.



IDEA 7: Making a wrap or roll up

Make a simple wrap with a tortilla, spread on hummus, pesto, our sour cream or any dip you love, add any raw crunchy veggies and some strips of smoked tofu or tempeh.

Don’t forget about the sweet version of this: our roll ups made with a tortilla, peanut butter or tahini, jam or fruit on top, some crunchy seeds all rolled up and warmed up in a pan until you get a golden color on the tortilla (watch me making them here).


My last tip for you when it comes to vegan snacking is this, part of the process of going vegan is getting used to a different way of assembling and putting together meals. You start to realize that anything goes and you can really step out of the box when it comes to meal assembling. 

A snack is essentially a smaller meal in between what you’d consider your main meals, and any leftovers, any foods you love, can be adapted into a snack.

Always keep some cut up veggies in baggies or containers in the fridge, some fruit, and stock up on some vegan granola bars or energy bars or balls you love, some chips and some hummus, keep some non-dairy yogurts handy and you’ll always have a quick snack to take with you for days that are busier.

We also have a fun quick video with 3 vegan snack ideas and includes energy balls, a pick me up smoothie with coffee, and a savory sweet potato snack which you can also make with bread or crackers to take on the go.

Want more vegan snack ideas?

Click here for our 1 month of vegan snack ideas printable for instant inspiration.

Are there any snacks you love that we didn't mention today? Leave us your favorites in the comments below!

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