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What is the program about?

My Brownble is a vegan, video-based online program that shows you step-by step how to get back in the kitchen cooking foods you absolutely love.

We will flood your kitchen with an ever-growing library of cooking videos in the form of recipes, tips, batch cooking sessions and more, while also giving you support on your vegan journey, no matter where you are along the way, so food goes back to being simple, fun and delicious.

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Here's how we do it:

Tons of videos

- We currently have 240+ videos waiting for you.

- New videos come out every single week.

- Step by step cooking videos and recipes.

- Lifestyle videos to support you on your journey to a better relationship with food.

- Printable PDF’s for all your recipes.

We’ll get you back in the kitchen

You’ll have an ever-growing supply of recipes, kitchen tips, pantry staples and…

- Quick fixes for your daily meals 

- We’ll cook everything from gluten free goodies to raw, kid friendly and super meaty meals, sushi, world cuisine, food for the holidays, breakfast and brunch, and so much more.

We make it easy and beautiful

- Full HD, high quality videos.

- Unlimited streaming on any device.

- Downloadable (or streaming) audio versions of your Support and Advice videos for listening on the go.



This program is a total labor of love, as all things that are created in the kitchen should be. 

It’s the love child of a cook and a doctor who had a camera

and a spatula,

and the wish to see people back in their kitchens cooking and enjoying food.

Without the muss,

without the fuss,

the vegan way, just ´cause you can make anything vegan.


It’s the “where did you learn to cook like that?!” cooking program 

It’s the program that will get you out of your Pinterest boards and into the kitchen.

It’s the program for the “I would go vegan if I could cook like that” cooks.

It’s the program for the Julia Child wannabe but current pb and j cooks.

It’s for anyone who wants their guests asking for seconds, and the home everyone wants to go to at Thanksgiving.

It’s for those who want to hear the words “this is vegan?!” every time someone tastes their food.

It’s about cooking, like grandma used to do, with heart, soul and simple ingredients… vegan and delicious.

… and it’s about having a place to get support, no matter where you are along your vegan journey.

So who are we anyway?

Just in case we haven’t met before, I’m Kim. I’m a teacher, a certified plant based cook, and together with my partner in crime, my husband Carlos, doctor (MD) and online tech/filming fanatic, we created “My Brownble”. An online program designed to be your total sidekick in and out of the kitchen.

I'm also a premium content contributor for Vegan Outreach and the Food Choices Academy for Health Studies, and I'm on a mission to help people get back in the kitchen, cook delicious vegan meals, while falling in love with the simplicity of food and cooking again.

But wait...there's more!

We’ll also give you support out of the kitchen

- Videos on rocking your relationship with food and eating.

- We'll give you tips and guidelines to help you with your daily choices.

- We’ll talk about practicing self love and body positivity.

- We’ll master the art of finding balance with food, so you can head out and LIVE your life and inspire others along the way.

We’ll get you organized too

- From learning practical ways to meal prep,

- batch cooking

- and having a pantry worthy of the coolest Pinterest board (coming soon!)

We’re here for ya!

YOU rock. You are different from anyone else on this planet. You might love broccoli but hate chocolate (hey! it could happen!).

So here’s the best part, Brownble is a very special community because of its ongoing content. 

Ask us for what you want, and we’ll always try to make it happen.

We'll give you extra resources to help you on your journey

- Special pdf's and fun sheets.

- Recommendations straight from our vegan library that you can enjoy while indulging in some much needed down time.

You’ll help us change the world when you become a member

We donate a part of all our proceeds to one of these amazing charities.

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